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Will You need a Data Recovery Service?

Friday, March 26th, 2010

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Drive Failure Will You need a Data Recovery Service?

Hard disk drives are different from almost every other part of your computer system in one very vital respect: if you lose your hard drive, you lose something more than a hardware- you lose your data as well as software. You can replace the hard drive, but data and information on the drive generally can not be replaced. Certainly the data is not covered by any warranty. In such cases, backup proves as a great help. However, if you do not have an updated or complete backup, data recovery solutions are required to extract your lost data.

Recovery is possible in most of the hard drive failure situations. When a file is deleted or lost due to any reason, it still remains physically intact on the drive. Lost files become inaccessible as deletion of files remove file system table entries and thus operating system can not locate the files on drive. Thus it seems the files are lost forever, but recovery solutions are there for your rescue to retrieve them.

Use of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) reduces the likelihood of data loss. However, it can complicate the situations if for any reason data loss occurs. Recovery from a failed RAID array is far complex than an individual drive.

There are recovery services, which specialize in retrieving lost 

data from the hard drives that are failed or corrupted due to 

hardware problems. Such problems include read/write head crash, 

spindle motor damage, actuator arm damage, natural disasters, and 

power outages. 


The data recovery services expert use specialized tools and 

equipments for absolute recovery. They have Clean Rooms to open the 

hard drive and directly access the platters for actual recovery.

Even though the hard drives have stickers and labels saying that 

when you open the drive, the warranty is voided. It does not

implement on data recovery experts. 


The drive manufacturers allow them for working on drives without 

impacting warranty status. If data loss is caused by logical failure,

 such as file system corruption, virus infection, operating system 

malfunction, and hard drive formatting, recovery is possible in a

pretty easy way. You can retrieve lost data on your own, using

 data recovery software. 


The applications are particularly designed to perform in-depth scan

of the damaged drive and extract all lost, missing, deleted, and

inaccessible data from it.

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Data Loss and Data Recovery after Re-installation of Windows XP

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Each operating system has its own credentials to be installed. Windows operating system of different versions delivers various general and graphical textures for you to operate.  The entire process of re-install is complicated as it may take a considerable amount of time. The install can erase all the data from the hard disk. Thus, re-installation of the operating system should be done with immense care.

However, in any case, if data loss occurs after re-installing the operating system, then you can use a valid backup file to restore your data. But, in case the backup does not exist or it fails to restore the data, then you can always opt for a Hard Drive Recovery software to recover your data.

For instance – On a Windows XP-based system, you perform a re-install of Windows XP, then there is a definite possibility that you may lose all your data in the All Users folder and also the default program templates and settings stored in the Default User Folder. In addition, the Start menu shortcuts, items in the startup group, and all the data stored in the Shared documents folder may be missing.

This situation may occur when you re-install Windows XP in the same folder by clicking Upgrade after running Winn32.exe or by clicking the Install Windows XP link on the “Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP” screen after the Windows XP CD-ROM is inserted.


This issue may occur if the Undo_guimode.txt file is present in the WindowsSystem32 folder on the hard disk on a Windows XP-based computer.


You need to obtain the latest service pack for Windows XP to resolve the issue. However, this works as a precautionary measure and does not help to recover your data. Thus, in such situations, you can restore your lost or missing data from a healthy backup file.

 But, if there is no backup file, then you should use a good quality Hard Disk Recovery software to recover your data comprehensively. Such applications scan the entire hard drive quickly via influential scanning mechanisms for effective recovery of your data. Also, these Hard Disk Recovery tools are equipped with interactive graphical user interface that makes them easy to use and understand.

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Lost Data – Can it be restored?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

In the days before computer data recovery, lost files were actually lost on a computer for good.  Computer systems fail from power surges, and from being without electricity for an extended period.

Computer hardware and software can be temperamental. Viruses and worms infection can lead to corruption. Symptoms of data loss or you could) humming noise from the hard drive (or computer box. We did not warn you try to run a computer with aClick your hard drive for long, because it can cause irreparable damage to the hard drive and delete it well.


If you have accidentally deleted files or folders from your computer hard drive. Have you reformatted it, and you must be able to access your old computer files. If you use a regular computer user, and have not done so already, you know that you may lose some of your data or delete it by mistake after your operating system crash, or he was the victim of a virus.

How do you go about restoring your data. Data Recovery is a pretty simple when performed by trained service technicians. When your computer has crashed, and you must restore the data, make sure you are with a company that specializes in computer data recovery.

In many cases, the hard drive will require dismantling, restoring data, and then re-assembled correctly for the information. Every situation is different, and dataRecovery is rarely the case for all system. Professional data recovery services, data recovery software programs that can recover lost files after a chance there, the file or directory is deleted or deliver viruses to crash.

These data recovery software allows the user to scan quickly to restore diagnosis, repair, and their data. But it is important to know that some computer data recovery software you can actually delete your data permanently. So be carefulif you do not choose themselves.


Some of the most common reasons that cause the need for the data recovery: Physical damage to the hard drive and operating system corruption.

Data Recovery is also the collection of missing files and folders lost due to viruses that delete files and folders, hardware and software Disorder, Hard Disk Readability error, file deletion, by hitting Shift + Del, and damaged files. You could make it less likelyhave this problem only with the help ensure privacy, or simply that your files.

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