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How Online Back Up Works

Monday, January 12th, 2009

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By default, Carbonite backs up everything in your Documents and Settings folder, including documents, photos, email and data files from applications, such as Quicken, Money, etc.

 Once a subscription is purchased, music is also added to the list. The default backup does not include programs, system files, temporary files, videos, or individual files greater than 4GB. You can, however, manually add any of these to your Carbonite backup.

Carbonite uses a combination of encryption techniques, similar to those used by banks, to safeguard your data. Files are encrypted twice before they leave your PC and remain encrypted on our servers, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access your files without your secret password. Users are also given the option to manage their own encryption key.

There are no limits on backup storage capacity. Carbonite will back up all the supported files on your internal hard drive whether you have 1GB, 10GB or more. However, users should be aware that the speed of today’s DSL and cable Internet services will make it very slow to back up more than, say, a few dozen GB of data.

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Data Backups Equal Piece of Mind

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

At the best of times business can be risky, and you can multiply that risk when you work on the Internet. There it’s essential to have the right data backups on your side so that you have a measure of security when transferring information online.

Have no illusions, exchanging mission critical data in cyberspace means that you need to have the right online backup service looking out for your interests and the best way to get that is to know what you need. Remember that these services are plentiful so you need to start by looking for one that promises an off site online backup storage system.

Eggs in One Basket

It stands to reason that this is a good idea and the old saying about having all your eggs in one basket is pertinent here . With the combination of the right data backups that supply an off site storage option, you’ve secured all you information in a way that won’t compromise its safety and security.

There are several features that the best of these services will offer when it comes to being a Business-Class Backup Service.

Layered State of The Art Technology. By proving to you that they’ve taken the time to search out only the best, an online backup service should be able to gain your trust and business. Redundant Bandwith and Multiple Providers. More of the details that should sell you on any of these online backup storage systems.

There are other factors as well but one that should remain at the top of anyone’s list is customer service. If the technicians at the company can’t take the time to explain what it is they can do for you, then there’s really no point is working with them.

Anyone who wants your business will be courteous and professional and they’ll work for a customer service department that will always be willing to listen to and solve your problems.

In the end, it’s both technology and personality that will sell you on the right online backup storage service.

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