Read write head change tool - Case Study

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Computer system contains hard disk in its CPU and that hard disk contains a massive amount of data. So when the hard disk fails, the only backups available are data recovery.

Hard disk failure often times causes the operating system not to boot. Hard disk recovery is similar to any type of recovery but should not be attempted if the problem in the system is not known. If noises can be heard from your computer, immediately shut it down and unplug it.

Data recovery is not possible if mechanical problems are ignored and allowed to cause more havoc to your system. If all else fails, data recovery hard disk recovery service may be your best option.

Recently I (Deepali nayar) met with an accident in which my hard drive Seagate barracuda (1000GB) model no: ST31000340AS, FW: SD15 got damaged. I had opened my hard disk and came to know that my hard disk contains four platters and the read write head is damaged. Then I made survey from internet related to data Recovery Company and came to know about Read write head change tool kit.

I purchased Read write Head Change tools, they are the mandatory tools which help to change read write head from the damaged hard drives which are unable to recover data.

Hard disk read write head change tool is basically the instrument used to remove read write head from the hard disk safely so that data can be recovered. Hard disk read write head change tool is simple to use and causes no damage to the head or the platter surface. There are 15 types of Hard disk read write head change tools, as for single platter single head single tool is used, for double platter double head double tool is used.

Hard disk read write head change tool is to be opened in a Clean room because the platter could be damaged with dust particle present in air. A clean room is the working area where you will be capable of opening up the hard drive for conducting invasive repairs. The airborne particles need to have to be controlled and taken out of the work place.

We could refer to this as a controlled environment. Clean room have all contaminants removed from the air To keep the heads from crashing into the platter is just as important to keep them from crashing into each other although they shouldn’t be allowed to touch the platters.

Hard disk read write head change tools are available for both desktop and laptop hard drives but the Hard disk read write head change tools were different in both cases. The tools are very easy to use, much easier on laptops than the Desktop drives. The tool is made up of derlin plastic.

The heads on each type of drive sit at different heights to fly over the different heights of the platters. The platters vary in height due to the spacers (metallic/plastic) that are used to keep them apart. Read write head tool is fully adjustable for one or more (up to 4) heads at different heights. One tool fits all.

This is blessing for computer world because earlier when there was no such device heads are changed through hand which cause crashes to the head while removing from the hard disk which cause loss not only to data but economically also.

Due to Hard disk Read write head change tool the loss of data could be decreased. Hard disk Read write head change tool is made up of special kind of plastic named as derlyn plastic which is harmless to the platter as well as head of the hard disk.

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